Condo Buying & Ownership Made SimpleCondo Buying & Ownership Made Simple:
Tips to Save Time and Money
(Print Edition)

For Condominiums, Homeowner Associations,
and Co-Operatives


Is owning a condominium different from owning a single-family home?  You bet it is! Most people who purchase a condominium have no idea what association living really means.

Retiring boomers and young profess-ionals cause community associations to be the fastest growing form of residential housing in the country, with their residents making up almost 20% of the population. 75% of buyers are new to the experience, and 10% of all buyers did not know they were buying into an association.

With hundreds of tips, pointers, and answers to questions, this non-technical book is thorough, well organized, and very readable. Also included are a glossary of community association terms and an index.

Many of the chapters are outlined in lists of Advantages vs. Disadvantages or Q&A format. Boxes highlight the do-not-miss points. There is literally no stone left unturned, whether it’s satellite dishes, leasing, patio furniture, garage sales, maintenance fees, or special assessments. The book’s purpose is to share the author’s experience with the pros and cons of condo buying and condo life, with the goal of educating buyers and owners about the important information that governs a condo association and thus affects residents’ lives.

Featured in this book are “Kay’s Exclusive Condo Buyer’s Checklists.” Worth the price of the book themselves, the checklists provide buyers with a simple and effective method to discover what living in their prospective condo will be like. The checklists enable buyers to untangle confusing community association documents, analyze the association’s financial condition, and talk to the community’s residents.